Saturday, November 17, 2007


Well the birthday party was a great success...pony rides and plenty of space for lots of kids to run around....didn't actually count how many came but there was at least 30! They all had lots of rides. Mum iced the cake...the horse on it is actually one she has had in the cupboard for 30 never made it onto a cake for my sister and I! All in all everyone had a good time including Evangeline which is what it is all about! And the weather was here are some on the pic if you want to see it larger!
Ben just called and he flies home tomorrow! Pity he missed it all...can't think of much else as I am pretty tired so off to bed - Lissy


Sharon Manning said...

Wow it looks like E had an awesome party and you will have heaps of photos to put into your mini album!
The pony theme looks like it worked beautifully and what a gorgeous cake!
I bet you are exhausted?
I'm glad Ben is on his way home too.
Take Care

Megan said...

Hooray - I am so pleased the party went so well!!

Megan xx

PS Meant to ask on the last your trampoline one of the round ones that comes with a safety net enclosure? I've just ordered one for Christmas and I hope I've ordered the right one!

Melissa Goodsell said...

How cute does the dress look!! What a fun fun day, love the photos Lissy.