Monday, November 12, 2007


A little bit hot here at the moment....37C yesterday and up to 39C today...but then cooling off to about 30C for the rest for the week hopefully!

Mum has been going flat out in the garden...even in this heat...and it is all looking so much better...tidying up generally for the party and so on won't look that fab to other people...but to those who have seen it recently it is was all very over grown and a lot of weeds and now it is looking pretty orderly...

Went to a double 4th birthday yesterday for two of E's little friends...she chose her dress...I bought this on etsy...from Kinchi...and she looks great in it...superbly made...and they had face painting at the party but a nice day out... This week is busy with party preparations, dance dress rehearsal and so on!

Hopefully Ben will be leaving Singapore today...but still won't be home until Sunday or Monday I he will miss E's birthday...he hasn't been to one yet! But that is his job...gone 5 weeks...home 5 weeks...give or take a bit all year...but we are cutting it fine with the arrival of the baby!

I have made a couple of bibs...for go with the booties...bib pattern free from Nested
Mel has tagged me but need to think what to write!

And that is about it! Looks like thunder storms to the to dance now...too hot really but dress rehearsal is tomorrow night!



Megan said...

Oh Lissy I love that dress! I want one for looks so comfortable and cool.

I think I'll pass on the face painting though. I don't think I could get away with it like E can!

Megan xxx

Melissa Goodsell said...

37 degrees?? Are you serious!! Can you please send some of that weather down to Tassie....we hit 20 degrees on the weekend and the kids thought it was the middle of Summer with their bathers on, lol.
Miss E looks so seriously cute, that dress is AWESOME!!