Saturday, November 24, 2007

and after....

A slow process....being that I need to sit down and take rests all the day here and I am feeling it...but I have cleaned my work space...

Still a few bits there but very clean for me....I always seem to have a few little piles of odds and sods that do not have homes...and that I keep there in case I need it....and ideally my tins of tools and utensils need to be hung on the wall some day...but if you look at the before pic on the last post you can see a BIG improvement!!

So now what...well time permitting this week I plan to scrapbooking wise: on E's birthday album some more pages in the baby's birdie album
C...start a big sister album for E ready for photos when the baby arrives

and craft wise:
A...start button Christmas tree decorations (the button ones like Ali Edward's made)
B...make some foam ball decorations using fabric...saw these somewhere too...but cannot remember where...I should be more diligent about noting things down
C...decorate the baby's Christmas hold her decorations...E already has one...very simple one I made last year....and sewing wise:
A...a sleeping bag for the baby
B...a dress for E
C...booties for the baby

I need to clean my sewing table a bit too but it is not too bad at the moment!

There is way too much really on my list but at least it is a plan!

We shall see how I go...but really I am hoping to be otherwise occupied with a newborn instead!

Off out side now to water my garden...the retic is off so I am hand watering! Lissy


Alli said...

I am just so impressed!!!!!!!! that is amazing :)

the button tree's are fun.. check the blog just finished mine today, you need loads and loads of pins though.

Sharon Manning said...

Very neat and tidy Lis!!!!

Melissa Goodsell said...

Much neater! LOL.
Oh I'm looking forward to seeing the sleeping bag for baby, that should be gorgeous Lissy.