Monday, November 19, 2007

home again....

Ben turned up in a taxi on Sunday morning about 11 which was great :) He had been waiting on standby at the airport and got an earlier flight as we had not expected him until about 6pm!

We are at nearly 38 weeks any day is a bad photo (no flash) of E and I at home today making lunch...I really must get some more photos of E, me and the bump!My Canon 350D died on the top priority today was to go and see about getting it fixed! First of all I found out it would take 4 - 6 weeks at least...panic started to set in...then it would cost about $300 and then it probably need a new shutter and other things....basically I have taken so many photos ( about 50, 000) that I have worn it out! So in the end we decided it was cheaper to get a new I am now the very happy owner of a Canon 400D....early Christmas present ... and I cannot complain about that! Haven't really played with it yet...but I will!

But here is E at dance this afternoon! No editing on this photo...
Ben and E had fun on the trampoline tonight before bed...need to look at the camera settings...a priority for tomorrow in case the baby arrives!

So that is it for today - Lissy


Regina said...

Yay to Ben being home!

And yay to the 400D! (Hopefully I will own one in a few months).


Megan said...

Hey Lis,

It's good to see your big spunk of a husband back home where he belongs :-)

And I am most envious of your 400D - I know you will be taking more fantastic photos with it to share with us. Can't wait to see bub!

Megan xx

Judy said...

Your place looks so magnificent and the photos are awesome.