Wednesday, November 14, 2007

dress rehearsal....

Last night E had her dress rehearsal for the dance concert in a couple of is all pretty low key really but they were still pretty cute! I cannot believe the teacher managed to get 20 little kids on stage dancing! And they mostly did very well! My camera battery died so I only got a couple of photos...and not very good ones...I am hoping I will still be on board in two weeks to go to the real thing!

Not much else happening around here just a few party preparations and hoping Ben might get home sometime on the weekend...we are now at 37 weeks...and still waiting for the new addition to our family to arrive!

Hope you are having a good week - Lissy


Alli said...

oh Lis how gorgeous does she look!

Megan said...

Look at all those gorgeous little fairies!! I love the wings Lis - did you have to make the outfits or did someone else do them? They look so cute!

Megan xx