Thursday, November 22, 2007


"When is Baby coming????" E has been asking every day since her birthday! We have been telling her for months that it would be her birthday, then Baby will come and then is now a bit hard for her to understand that we do not really know when Baby will arrive! I have told Ben the baby's name....he is not overly keen but I hope it will grow on I can't think of anything else!

I spent the morning at school today to help out in the class and take is great to see how much all the kids are learning...and it is all as they are interested and ready (as is the Montessori way) a fabulous way to learn for young children! They choose what work they do each day and the teacher also gives them individual lessons as needed.

E was very busy today....E started painting a ceramic Christmas ornaments, made bread to eat for morning tea, did some writing, and some work on beginning sounds, played outside, read books, did puzzles...and so onAnd that is all for today - Lissy

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Megan said...

Good to see you are well on your way to wearing out the new camera too Lis!! How is it??!

I love that you have TOLD Ben the baby's name lol....nothing like a one sided discussion for the important things!

Megan xx